Fire Opal Azul Lampwork Necklace by Jenelle Aubade


FIRE OPAL AZUL ~ Long lampwork necklace knotted in Italian Fire Opal Red, Aqua Crystal, Purple Rose, Baja Breezes, and Dark Turquoise, including fine silver dusted UpCycled Corralejo Tequila glass wire wrapped drops.

♡ (129) of handmade Jenelle Aubade lampwork beads including organic style wire wrapped lampwork head pins. This strand is 38 inches in length, with an adjustable slip knot, hanging to 16-19 inches, finished with a slip knot. Each bead is lightly faceted and sculpted by hand while the glass is molten in the flame for a textured eye-catching finish.Includes Up cycled bottle glass and upscale Italian glass xx

Necklace details ~ ♡ Ocean of love, soul of fire. Heart of Glass

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