Devotion Mala Necklace Series Jenelle Aubade Heart of Glass

#Devotion The Autumn season is peeking at us from beyond the edge of late August. Counting our blessings, gathering our energies, balancing on the ever changing path, moving forward together in conscious resoluteness to always improve our perceptions steadily, and continue to grow.


Enjoy this very special offering from Jenelle Aubade at Heart of Glass this season. Color stories, texture, luxe ingredients of nature, inspired by love, hope, and admiration.
Knotted Mala Necklaces with Tassels, lightly textured, in meditative color combinations.

Each bead is conceptualize and created by hand by Jenelle Aubade and has been knotted into a unique pattern on sturdy hemp for durability and longevity.


The first necklace in the series is titled for the collection, the inspiration and tidal piece, names ‘Devotion’. Croucs opalino Violet, Plum, Raku.


The second necklace in the Devotion series is Water’s Edge, turquoise, teal, silver dusted golden hued crystal, periwinkle, indigo.



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