Devotion MALA lampwork necklace by Jenelle Aubade


♡ 108 lampwork beads created by glass artist and designer Jenelle Aubade over a hot torch flame one by one with meditative purpose practicing mindfulness and clarity.

♡ Lush violet, plum, purple rose, magenta, and fuchsia toned to earthen compatibility with raku and fine silver dusted sepia crystal. Each bead is lightly faceted and sculpted by hand while the glass is molten in the flame for a textured ‘feels-good’ finish. The glass was sourced from Italy and Germany, Murano and Reichenbach lines, and annealed for a long soak in my kiln to further durability and long lasting wear/love.

Necklace details ~ ♡ Finished, or continued, with a tassel. Each bead is individually knotted with sturdy hemp fiber. 32 inches of lampwork that hangs to 16 inches, not including tassel length.


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