DeJa Blue Necklace Debut Knotted Lampwork with tassel love


DE JA BLUE ~ Lampwork Necklace @ HeartofGlassJewelry 
2018 Mod Rustic Boheme Collection – with Tassel love

♡ The sound of running this strand of beads through your hand is like the tinkling of champagne glasses cheering to a happy moment in time. Fresh water colors in high gloss with lots of depth mirroring the sky and the sea.

(124) of my handmade lampwork beads made with Correaljo Tequila Cobalt Bottle Glass #Upcycled and Sea Greens and Teal. Each bead is lightly faceted in organic style. Includes fine .999 silver throughout.
This strand is 32 inches in length, hanging to 16 inches, continuous loop and beaded tassel.

Jenelle Aubade Jewelry


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