Bohemian Rose Necklace knotted beaded art glass strand

Bohemian Rose ~ Lampwork Necklace
2018 Mod Rustic Boheme Collection made for layering.


♡ None can have a healthy love for flowers unless he loves the wild ones.
– Forbes Watson


(134) of my handmade lampwork beads that have been sculpted into organic shapes while molten in the flame, antiqued turquoise, Jamaican hibiscus Blend and filigrana cane, Maraschino Cherry red from Italy, Fuchsia Pink in crystal … This strand is hand knotted measuring 33 inches in length, hanging to 17 inches, in a continuous loop.



Enjoy my catalog of boho necklace strands @

Heart of Glass FB Group
ArtFire Boutique
Lampwork Market

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