Summer Necklace Collection Heart of Glass by Jenelle Aubade

My new necklaces for SUMMER 2021 debut this month!

Join in the fun model auction in my facebook group for great deals on the original designs. I will be posting about each necklace in the blog as we go along during May. The event starts May 12th at
set your reminder at

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“Hey! Enjoy bidding on my brand new Summer Necklaces, win the original designs pictured at great deals. Send me photos wearing your new Heart of Glass Jewelry, models get discounts and special thank you gifts.

The new series is a mix of long knotted strands and double layer beach style knotted hemp necklaces, all boho and Baja vibes. The glass I create the beads with is sourced from Italy, Germany, and the USA.

Each necklace is a one of a kind work of art as handmade and glass is intrinsically unique, like each of us gypsy and beach loving souls are. Thank you for being a fan and sharing my work, you keep me dreaming and creating, much love. Jenelle

The Event runs for a week, each day new necklaces will debut, bid and bin options available. The event will be held online in the facebook group

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3 thoughts on “Summer Necklace Collection Heart of Glass by Jenelle Aubade

  1. I’ve been following you for months, and each necklace is a one-of-a-kind work of art due to the fact that each one is handmade and unique. I’m blown away that you get your beads from Italy, Germany, and the United States. I am a fan who eagerly anticipates your events.


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